Books & Favorite Authors

Disclosure:  the Amazon direct links are affiliate links.  If you purchase from one of these links, thank you for supporting me and these great authors.  


I was going to write a short review of each book, but that was taking up too much room.  I recommend each of these books.  If you have questions about whether or not a certain book might be a good one for YOUR library, feel free to email me and ask about it first.


I also have purchased other books, which I would NOT recommend, so if you have a book in mind, I might know something about it.


This page will continue to develop over time, so be sure to check back.


In general, I purchase whatever I can that is written by the following authors:


Andrea Butje                                                           Robert Tisserand

Shirley Price, Len Price, and Penny Price           Gabriel Mojay

Valerie Ann Worwood                                            Jeanne Rose

Jennifer Peace Rhind                                              Dr. Judith Boice

 Suzanne Catty

Scientific knowledge of essential oils and hydrolats/hydrosols

Books that contain good recipes

Integrated Health and Help at Home

For recommended online resources look here.