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Recommended online resources

For a recommended book list, look here.

Internet sites & blogs worth reading

The Herbal Academy has several articles on essential oils, several of which I and another aromatherapist, Erika Galentin, wrote as a foundational series. To access this series, start with Basic Essential Oils for Daily Living. I will be writing a new blog post for them each month, so keep checking back.  I will also list them here.

Choosing High Quality Essential Oils

A Guide to Essential Oil Safety


11 Essential Oils for Dry Skin

How to Create Simple Perfume Blends with Aromatic Notes

Aromatic Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Hydrolats (Hydrosols) for Babies and Children

First Aid Essential Oils for a Summer Travel Kit

Ways to use lavender essential oil

Essential Oils for Insect Bites and Stings

Dealing with phototoxicity

Using essential oils for scars and scarring





Aromahead blog:

Andrea Butje writes informative articles and provides safe, effective recipes.


Plant Therapy blog:

After the Project, Clean up Tips

Hydrosol profiles




A wonderful plant directory at The Plant List.


Facebook groups I find friendly, safe, and helpful

Empowered Essential Oil Living - this is actually my group. The goal is to share safe, natural health options, particularly essential oils. I also have a business page: Golden Heart Essentials.

Robert Tisserand Essential Training

Essential Oil University

Essential Oil Consumer Reports

Aromahead Institute

Online classes

FREE Introductory Essential Oil classes:

Aromahead Institute offers a free introductory class.  Their other programs are also excellent.


The School for Aromatic Studies also offers a free introductory course.


Other classes and webinars:

Robert Tisserand offers several great courses on his website the Tisserand Institute.