Basic Foundation Recipes for Aromatherapy Products

So often we will look for just the right recipe for what we want to make. If we want a linen spray, we look for a linen spray recipe. If we want a hand lotion, we look for a hand lotion recipe. Look no further. In this post you will be able to find basic recipes to which you will add your own essential oils for whatever purpose you have determined.


There are also several courses on the internet where you can learn much, much more about making your own butters, balms, and other products.  I can recommend the courses at the School for Aromatic Studies and at the Aromahead Institute, as I have taken and enjoyed such courses at both of these online schools.

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Can I Use Essential Oils with My Newborn Baby?

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How to use essential oils for your family

Essential oils for everyone

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New aromatherapy book; I can hardly wait

UPDATE: This book has been published and is currently available.  It is lovely. Andrea Butje has a creative way to help us remember the special qualities of each of the essential oils she discusses by giving each oil a personality description. She also offers quite a few helpful recipes. This is an excellent book to add to any aromatherapy book collection.


PREVIOUS POST: My teacher and mentor, Andrea Butje, has just published a new book.  It is due to be out to the public in January, but right now you can pre-order it on Amazon for a significant price cut.  I feel so confident in Andrea's experience, professionalism, and expertise in this field, that I am recommending this book, sight unseen.  I can hardly wait for it to come out and my copy to arrive in my mailbox!!