Aromatherapy or Essential Oil Therapy

Many people associate the term "aromatherapy" with nice smelling candles and beauty products, but true aromatherapy uses authentic, pure essential oils, aromatic plant compounds, therapeutically to support holistic wellness.  An aromatherapy consultation involves taking a thorough health history with a discussion of emotional, social, and physical concerns.  Aromatic blends, using essential oils and other natural ingredients, are then developed to improve the client's overall wellness. Blends can be for inhalation, for massage, for baths, for compresses, or any of several other application methods.

I can buy my own essential oils. Why would I want to consult with an aromatherapist?

Certified aromatherapists should have a minimum of 200 hours of training in essential oil chemistry, interactions with the body, and safety. Case studies and a research project are usually required for certification. Clinical aromatherapists have a minimum of 400 hours of education and training with more case study requirements.


An aromatherapist will have an extensive collection of pure, authentic essential oils, fixed oils, plant butters, and other carriers, providing the opportunity to fine-tune essential oil blends to meet your individual and unique needs.  Aromatherapists can help with more complex wellness issues, and they can provide you with further education into the proper use of essential oils.


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