Essential Oil Crafts For Children

Safety First

Keep in mind that essential oils should be kept out of reach of children as a general rule.  That said, there are a lot of things we allow our children to do while they are supervised - use sharp knives, take a dose of medicine, cook on the stove, or bake in the oven... This is how they learn.  But we must always teach our children that essential oils are like medicines in that we do not use them unless we are being supervised by an adult.


We also want to be certain we do not spill essential oil directly on a child's skin.  If this happens, there is no reason to panic, but do wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. If any irritation appears. apply a fixed oil, like olive oil or coconut oil, to the area.

Having FUN!

Play Dough

This is a no-cook recipe.  There are many other recipes on the internet, so hunt around and find one you like.  They all contain similar ingredients, but this version is simple and one a child can help make.


If you have not seen "part" as a measurement before, it merely states the ratios.  For instance, if you want to make about 2 cups of play dough, you would use 1/2 cup salt, the same amount of water (1/2 cup), and twice as much flour (1 cup.)


The essential oil amount is approximate.  For some essential oils, you'll get plenty of aroma with far less.  You do not want to go much higher than 30 drops, though. To add color you can use food coloring or colored flavorings like Kool Aid.  Some natural dye ideas would be spirulina, cacao powder, instant coffee, mashed berries, turmeric or mustard powder. Again, a little goes a long way.


Some essential oils from which you might choose: spearmint, sweet orange, mandarin, lavender, black spruce, or another child-safe essential oil with an aroma your child enjoys.

Aroma beads

You can use air-dry clay to make beads for a necklace or bracelet.  After the clay has dried, you can put a drop of a child-safe essential oil on the beads for a passive diffuser.


Another option would be to make larger clay pieces to keep in a bowl as a decorative element.  Essential oils can also be dropped on these to make a passive diffuser.  Clay can be rolled into small tablets, have words written on them, or roll small logs or spheres.  Any shape or size is possible.


Put a drop of essential oil in your child's paints for a nicer aroma.


Mix the dish soap with the glycerine and essential oil.  Add the water and stir gently to incorporate everything together without making a lot of frothy bubbles.


It's often best to let the mixture sit for a few hours before using.  You may also need to stir it again later.

Do you have crafts you like to do with your children where you can incorporate essential oils?  Please share your ideas here!

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