Aromahead Institute "Walks the Talk" with Essential Oils

I completed my aromatherapy certification through Aromahead Institute.  Since then I have taken many courses from other providers, but I continue to be grateful that my foundation is from Aromahead.  Andrea Butje, the founder and director of Aromahead is a unique and passionate aromatherapist, with a gift for teaching. When I say "unique," I mean that I just do not know anyone else like her, with her incredibly nurturing approach to each and every individual. Her business partner, Cindy Black, specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and adds her incredible knowledge and skills to the educational process.

The Aromahead Experience

Andrea and Cindy are both licensed massage therapists who owned and led a massage school in New York before moving to Florida and starting the Aromahead Insitute. Andrea is approachable, personable, and caring.  She takes personal responsibility for her courses and her students.  She acts as a mentor, leading and guiding her many students and taking an interest in their individual learning styles and needs.  Andrea knows both her content backwards and forwards and is professional through and through. Cindy is equally knowledgable with a specialized expertise in anatomy and  physiology.

Both great sense of humor that comes out in courses and

both have an excellent way of explaining even the most difficult content.  Their mastery of metaphors never ceases to amaze me.


One of the best things at Aromahead is their free intro course.  Even if you have no interest in taking any of the more specific courses, the basics are available for free.  They also offer free webinars on several topics, such as allergies. These are announced through their newsletter and on their Facebook page.


The more advanced courses, such as the certification course, receive on-going improvement and refinement.  All updates are included in the original tuition, so you have permanent access to the course and all of the materials.  You also have an unlimited time to complete any of the courses, which is really nice.


Both while you are an Aromahead student and then also after you graduate, you are able to participate in the Aromahead forum, an excellent source of information and a place where your questions can be answered.


The Aromahead program meets the standards set out by the following professional organizations:


At Aromahead you will know the information is both effective and safe. It is an excellent online resource for the mom who wants to use essential oil with her children just as much as for the serious student of aromatherapy.

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