Harnessing the power of essential oils for the whole family.

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What are essential oils?

 Humans have used plants and plant extracts to improve their health and wellness for millennia. Essential oils, usually produced through steam distillation, are chemical "soups" of aromatic, volatile components produced by plants. These, too, can be used to improve our physical, emotional, and spiritual health in a holistic manner.


Essential oils are different from allopathic, Western pharmaceuticals in several ways.  First, they are derived from plants instead of being synthesized in a laboratory.  Second, they are complex combinations of chemical constituents, instead of just one chemical used to address one wellness issue.  Third, they are not regulated as drugs and cannot be classified or used as such. Finally, when essential oils are used correctly, they can have multiple positive effects on spiritual, physical and emotional wellbeing, making them powerful as a part of a holistic wellness lifestyle.


Essential oil therapy: part of a holistic approach to wellness.

What is an aromatherapist, and what does she do?

An aromatherapist, or aromatherapy practitioner, has training in the chemical composition of essential oils and how they affect the human body.  She has studied essential oil safety and is versed in various ways of using them. She will design personalized essential oil blends to address your unique, individual wellness needs.


Some wellness concerns that can be addressed by an aromatherapist:

Emotional support

Focus, attention

Stress management

Reducing or relieving soreness, swelling, or other related muscular discomfort

Reducing or relieving joint pain

Difficulty sleeping

Digestive support

Respiratory support

and quite a few more.


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